You must upload STEMS, MIDI, MASTERED AND UNMASTERED versions (WAV 44.1kHz 24 bit and MP3 320kbps).
Unmastered version must have at least -3db of headroom and it must be without limiter/compression.
Stems, midi, mastered and unmastered must be in separate folders. (Compressed in ZIP folders).
Every stem track must be named correctly (Kick, Snare, Bass etc.)
Stems must be as separate as possible. (For example all leads layers must be in separate stems not grouped into one stem.)
If it’s a vocal track you must include instrumental version and the vocal must be original or from royalty free sample pack.
You can use royalty free samples expect for melodies, chords etc. Idea of the track must be original!
The track must be exclusive and can’t be submitted to any other website, otherwise we will delete it immediately without warning!