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FAQ’S for Buyer & Sellers

FAQ’S for Buyer

You will receive a mastered and unmastered version. You will also receive all the Stems in the whole length of the track in of WAV, which means all the individual sounds of the entire track. Plus, midi from all important elements of the track. When a track contains any vocals, we will also send the instrumental version. This is useful because it allows a DJ to make a remix. A company can use a track or an element (such as vocals) for commercial use.

Not for all tracks, in general most people use different VST/DAW. We will send you all the Stems (WAV) though, of the whole length of the track. Plus, midi from all important elements of the track. This way you can import them into your DAW. For some tracks producers can provide the project file but we will mention if it is included.

An advertising agency may use it in an advert. A DJ can use it in his set, and even release it under his name as an artist. An event organizer can use it as a theme song, etc.

Releasing and selling are two different things. You may not resell a track on any other producer’s platform because you don’t own the composer rights. But of course you can release a track via Beatport, Spotify or iTunes, because you are the master owner of the track.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. On the website you can listen to the track/vocal from start to finish. You know exactly what you’re buying. Because you already received the track with all Stems, you cannot return it.

A track can be commercially exploited by you as a buyer in many different ways. A DJ can release a track under his own name. For example: when you sell a track via Beatport or iTunes, the revenues from the sales will end up with you. A label can buy a track and then further exploit it, an advertising agency can use the track when introducing a new product. Everybody is free to exploit the track as they see fit. has no further influence on this and does not want to interfere in this process.

No, you will not get the artwork as it is only used for product display. However, we do offer custom cover art service you can contact us about that and we will let you know the further process.

No. When you hear vocals in the productions you buy, you may assume that 75% of these originate from a sample pack (100% legal) and are most likely not one-of-a-kind. We allow vocals from packs, and that’s why we also supply the instrumental version. For the tracks with exclusive vocals, they will be labeled as”Exclusive Vocal”.

Yes, once you buy a track – you own all rights and royalties, you completely own the track so you can do whatever you want.

No, Never! We are complete Anonymous

Yes. Once a track is sold, it is removed from our website and will not be available for listening or purchase to the public.

FAQ’S for Sellers

The steps are very easy, you just need to sign up and then click on sell tracks from your account dashboard. Once you submit your tracks it will go under approval section. Then EDM GHOST PRODUCING staff will check the quality of the track. If we find your track(s) suitable to be released commercially, we will mark it as approved and you will find your track on our platform shortly.

Make a single .rar or .zip of the following files

  • Every sub-track should be rendered for the whole length of the track ( in WAV 44.1kHz, 24 bit).
  • Include Every sub-track named as Kick, Top kick, Bass, Hihat1, Hihat2, Clap, Snare, Percussion. (It is not sufficient to only fill in numbers).
  • Include all Midi files (Midi Type 1) of all important elements used, e.g. lead/, Drops/Bass/Melodies etc.
  • Include, a properly mastered and unmastered version in Wav (16bit and 44.1khz) and MP3 (320kbps).
  • If you use a vocal from a sample pack, you’re required to put this in your track description. As a note file, also include the instrumental version in WAV and MP3 format.
  • Minimal track length must be 3.30 minutes (except Dubstep, Trap and Future Bass which are only 3:00 minutes).

No, When the buyer purchases your track, Buyer will become the (master)owner of the track. The buyer will become the owner of the phonogram. The buyer is allowed to change the artist name and title, Purchase of the track gives the buyer permission to remix or alter the track.

No. This is a violation of the Copy Right Release agreement and needs to stay only between the parties involved.

No. We are very adamant about this. All tracks have to be unique – sending multiple tracks with the same melody is not allowed. So the use of templates, construction kits and leads/melody’s/drops or midi from a sample pack are prohibited. Of course, it’s allowed to use a kick, hi-hat, snare, FX, etc.

No. We cannot take tracks that are displayed ANYWHERE publicly. This is against our terms and conditions as it violates the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Yes, you can remove your track at any time as long as it is not currently in the process of being purchased

We allow our staff 36-72 hours to review incoming submissions to ensure they meet our quality requirements. After your track gets approved we will begin the further process and your track will be visible on the site shortly.

Yes, of course you can. If someone wants to sell their music via your account, that is allowed. The original artist/label/author must give you permission in writing to sell. Always ensure that – on request – you can show proof, either that you are the owner, or that you are allowed to offer the track by the original producer. You can proof that you are the owner by providing evidence that your work is registered with a copyright organisation (such as BumaStemra, PRS or SABAM). Demonstrating that you are allowed to sell someone else’s music is simpler: you need to have a written and duly signed agreement between yourself and that third person. Beware: a verbal agreement is most of the times not sufficient according to the law!

Uploading and presenting your music via EDM GHOST PRODUCING is free of charge. EDM GHOST PRODUCING doesn’t start earning money until you actually sell a track. Everybody starts with a remittance of 36.4% but you can end up only paying 30% – a unique situation in our business. So: the more you sell, the less you pay to EDM GHOST PRODUCING.

Once the track is sold we usually give 7 business days of time to the buyer to check whether the track is already published anywhere on the web, if everything is clear you will get the funds in your PayPal account on the 8th day.

No, this is not allowed. Why? Because it would be weird if a buyer could acquire the same track on two or more different sites. If you don’t stick to this rule, you will be banned from EDM GHOST PRODUCING.

Uploading on EDM GHOST PRODUCING is free. You can sell as many tracks as you want, as long as the quality remains high.